Sunrise Avenue in Krakow

After Chester Bennington’s death I’ve had strong feeling I lived with a huge hole in my chest. Well, “to live” is too iridescent description. Actually existed. Tried to fill it up with everything that usually caused nice emotions. Friends, travels, other concerts – but it all had no sense. All before you. This concert in Krakow meant much more to me than I could have imagined.
First since July I have really smiled. Not only by my lips or forcedly, because others don’t want to see my face sad. No, I’ve smiled by my eyes and heart. I’ve been smiling from the moment the Teddy Bear crashed into Samu and till the very last minute of the show. And first since these 4 hard months I’ve felt alive. It's kinda strange, but you guys turned out to be the only one who managed to do this with me.
I’m in love with your Fairytale gone bad and Forever yours, Monk Bay and Stormy end, Hurtsville and If I fall and many, many other songs. But I’ve never thought your music would become a therapy for me. It doesn’t only sound beautiful – it heals. Now I know it for sure. Obviously the most pleasant pills in the world :) And what about all of your new songs they are just like reminding that in the end everything’s gonna be allright. And if it’s still not then it’s not the end for now. They definitely have overshooting concentration of hope and faith in the best.
Thank you for being crazy in a good way. Thank you for all your funny faces, sincere smiles, amusing gestures, warm emotions and kind words. You’re pure life energy. Thanks for making me feel whole again.

Forever Yours, K.

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